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Olive Louise provides sound for the soul with her brand new single, “Moroccan Oranges”.

Uniting her listeners processing grief, the artist unveils the latest track plucked from her upcoming EP. 

Dropping just in time for the weekend, Olive Louise offers up a sound for the soul with brand new track, “Moroccan Oranges”. Inspired by her mother’s passing, Olive allows her own grief to permeate a heartfelt track that unites listeners into a shared state of mourning — shining a light on the life awaits us after our darkest moments. 

Tinged with pop and folk influences, “Moroccan Oranges” transforms the artist into a multi hyphenate that fuses real life with real art, something we can only expect more of in her debut EP, “275 Kings Point Road”. 

Proving herself to be as personal as ever, the artist explains, "The song is about the summer I traveled to Morocco and Paris with my dad and sister after my mom passed away. It’s about the dissonance I felt looking at my dad trying to hold it together and make us feel okay, knowing that even though we were seeing stunning views, and trying new foods, and were there together, we felt completely shattered."

To stream the single now, head below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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