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Izye leaves listeners with one mantra: F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!!

The artist gears up for Hot Girl Summer with her latest album.

As any maneater is well aware of, Hot Girl Summer is dawning. Providing the ultimate soundtrack for those nights hanging with girlfriends or evenings alone with a glass of wine, Izye drops her biting album — fittingly named F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!! 

Comprised of seven tracks loaded with inimitable fury and stylistic finesse, Izye fashions herself as the Agony Aunt of her generation — eating up heartache and spitting it out with intoxicating beats and compelling lyricism. From the soul-shaking bass of “bad 4 me” to the pop-tinged melody of “tiramisu”, the album acts as a display of Izye’s tenacity; and something is telling us she won’t be slowing down. 

Building an alliance between herself and her listeners, F**K BOYS, GET MONEY!!!marks an uprising for the artist, and we all bow wilfully in her presence. 

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Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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