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Majorlilkween keeps us all merciless under her spell with hypnotic new single, “Poison Ivy”.

The artist unveils her latest offering beside a brand new music video. 

If there’s one thing we are taking into the summer of 2023, it’s authenticity. Or, as Majorlilkween would put it: an IDGAF attitude. Providing the ultimate anthem to see this through, the artist unveils “Poison Ivy”, a fiercely intoxicating track that holds her listener's ransom as she whispers biting lyrics over a chest-pounding baseline. 

Elaborating on the inspiration behind her songwriting, Majorlilkween explains, “Living in NYC as a teen and young adult, I found so much inspiration and comfort in the colourful club kid and drag queen night-life scene. I admire the IDGAF attitude and the ability to just freely live your best most authentic life. As a kid, I got picked on for dressing differently and being into recreating my favourite pop star’s music/dance videos. For a moment I thought in order to be “cool” I needed to blend in, but thankfully that phase did not last long and I realised if people have something to say, you are doing it right — and they will get it later.”

Packed with all the angst and unapologetic confidence that makes up the artist's DNA, “Poison Ivy” is simultaneously a track that inspires and threatens. It forces those who listen to take a dose of self-empowerment, and wards off those that dare to diminish it. Complete with a tantalising visual that shows Majorlilkween sporting her toxic-tinted tresses under a club-approved blue-light, the artist shows inhibitions to the door and welcomes us into a party. 

Stream “Poison Ivy” below now… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020

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