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Hemish Gholkar: unleashing digital innovation from teen entrepreneur to industry trailblazer.

Meet the entrepreneur rearranging the digital stratosphere… 

Meet Hemish Gholkar, the dynamo entrepreneur and digital maverick who kicked off his journey in the wild world of media innovation and business leadership at a mere 17 years old. It was a game-changer in talent management, fuelled by Hemish's burning desire to tap into the uncharted potential of online influencers and music marketing. And guess what? He's just getting started...

When the COVID-19 storm hit, Hemish found himself captivated by the whirlwind rise of TikTok.Naturally, he decided to dive right in and birthed Mofinity Management — a powerhouse platform that not only managed but also nurtured and unleashed the raw potential of top-tier creators.

But Hemish didn't stop there. Fuelled by the rocketing possibilities of the digital realm, he set his sights higher, creating Happy Studios — a curated media agency specialising in Gen Z influencer marketing. With an innate understanding of TikTok and some seriously solid bonds with creators, Happy Studios rocked the digital landscape, turning tunes like “Mad At Disney” by Salem Ilese and “LOT OF ME” by Lil Tecca into straight-up viral phenomena. Taking on brand blitzes for big shots like CASETiFY and Depop, Hemish didn’t just establish himself as a pioneer… he set the rulebook on fire with his grassroots innovations.

Under Hemish's leadership, Happy Studios morphed into Reign Talent: a boutique management dream team representing over 100 creators, with a reach that hit the stratosphere at a whopping 500 million users. Their mojo in talent matchmaking and snagging mass media buys made them the go-to gurus for music marketing moguls and labels alike.

But every great story has its next chapter, right? Hemish waved goodbye to Reign Talent in 2023, orchestrating a slick merge with the heavy hitters at London's Apex Creators agency. Yet, his sixth sense for spotting the next big thing hasn't skipped a beat. Even during his post-exit chill-out phase, he's keeping his finger on the pulse, eyes peeled for the next big adventure in the wild digital jungle. Watch this space…Hemish Gholkar's story is far from over. 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020