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Enter a captivating soundscape: Yorina unveils “Memory Flood” ahead of “Bloodrush” EP release.

The model-turned-singer-songwriter offers up another hit straight from her heartstrings. 

Despite the track’s namesake, Yorina is keeping her hushed vocals and intoxicating beats firmly stuck in our heads through the single hacked from her upcoming EP, “Memory Flood”. Serving as a taste for the explosive melodies that Yorina is known to beckon through her masterful yet authentic composition, “Memory Flood” is the locked and loaded proof that her next project, “Bloodrush”, will be nothing short of a bang. 

Tenderly relaying a narrative that continuously attempts to take a grasp of reality, her efforts soon dissipate into a seabed of syncopated beats and lofty synth-pop melodies—leaving her listeners enchanted in the wake of the flood. 

While songwriting was never necessarily the goal of Yorina (once a seamstress by profession), she continues to prove that true art will always find an artist—and when it comes to creating spellbinding tracks that illicit love, pain, heartbreak and healing, there’s no better instrument than Yorina herself.

“Bloodrush” is due to release in March 2024. To stream “Memory Flood” now, scroll below… 

Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020