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Michelle Langone's “Home Reimagined”: a journey of EDM bliss and spiritual devotion.

The artist breathes fresh air into her cherished soundscape… 

In a musical landscape often defined by boundaries and expectations, Michelle Langone’s latest single, “Home Reimagined”, breaks free from conventions. With a blend of EDM elements and profound lyrical themes, Langone offers listeners a transformative experience that transcends genres.

Hailing from Florida, Michelle Langone introduces “Home Reimagined” as a pivotal moment in her career. At 25 years old, the singer-songwriter aims to mark 2024 as a significant year for her artistic evolution—with this track serving as the inaugural step in her ambitious plan to release a new song every month leading up to her debut full-length album, From My Soul To Yours (slated for November).

“Home Reimagined” is not entirely new territory for Langone; it is a fresh interpretation of her cherished song, “Home”, originally featured on her debut EP, “Coming Home.” Driven by her creative instincts and a belief in the transformative power of music, Langone revisited “Home" with a desire to infuse it with her ever-evolving soundscape. Teaming up with EDM producer Jake Neumar of BHAVIOR Music, Langone sought to elevate the song to new heights.

The result is a blissful sonic experience that seamlessly merges Langone’s velvety, operatic vocals with Neumar’s dynamic production. From its anthemic choruses to its pulsating beats, "Home Reimagined” invites listeners on a journey of spiritual rediscovery. So whether you’re looking to escape, recuperate or simply find a spark of joy — Michelle welcomes you home. Leave your shoes, cares and worries at the door. 

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Words by Ella West

Spring/Summer 2020