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Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Ruti, breathes new life into the mic with genre-defying, ethereal new EP, “Lungs”.

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Ruti is known for her enchanting blend of R&B, pop, and jazz, utilizing a distinct voice and a knack for crafting infectious hooks. Her signature sound has become synonymous with introspection, vulnerability, and raw, emotive melodies.

Earlier this year, Ruti delighted her dedicated fanbase with the release of "Bubblehouse Bounce (move as one)" and "Don’t Make A Sound". Both tracks demonstrate her ability to seamlessly blend pop sensibilities with jazz influences, solidifying her reputation as a dynamic and versatile artist.

The EP features a powerful title track, "Lungs", alongside a captivating cover of Tears For Fears’ 1985 hit, "Everybody Wants To Rule the World". "Lungs" is a powerful ballad adorned with instrumental accompaniment, providing the perfect backdrop for Ruti’s expansive vocal palette. Meanwhile, her cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule the World" adds an ethereal layer to the EP's sound, showcasing Ruti's vast creative range.

Together, the tracks on “Lungs” create a solid base of rich lyricism, soaring vocals, and inspired piano keys, combining for a deliberate, otherworldly listening experience.

Breaking down the inspiration behind the EP, Ruti explains “I’ve actually been holding onto Lungs for a little while. Looking back I think I was a bit scared about how raw the emotion was especially coming the very small period of my life that inspired the song. I was a very anxious 19/20 year old and remember having really strong feeling about a person - the whole thing made me very unsure and insecure, especially because I didn’t ever really know what they were thinking. I was prone to having panic attacks at that time also, loss of breath was quite a big symptom. Hence the line “you might as well take my lungs away, cos I can’t breathe around you anyway..” I was panicking about this unknown and I was so in my head I’d created something out of not much at all. But every little bit of attention they gave me I was lapping it up and then kinda left hanging and rinse and repeat.

Ruti goes on to delve into the creative process within the studio, commenting, ”Looking back the scenario makes me laugh a bit, but I’m glad I didn’t hold back in the studio with my co writers Emily Phillips and Wayne Wilkins. There’s so much drama, and the strings played but Davide Rossi, paired with the visuals, filmed at St John the Baptist’s in Shepherds Bush, is cinematic if i do say so myself! The most gorgeous sanctuary feels like the right place to be vulnerable and pouring my heart out like I am in this song.”

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Words by Tristen Jithan

Spring/Summer 2020

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