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Olivia Neill Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring/Summer 2024 Issue

“I sometimes struggle to open up to people in real life, but when I’m recording my podcast, I don’t know what comes over me—I’m able to articulate how I’m feeling into words for once in my life, and sometimes that leads me to get a bit carried away! I actually feel a lot better after my recordings as I feel like I’ve processed a lot. I try to speak as candidly and honestly as I can about topics so that people who are listening can maybe relate to it and feel less alone.”

Our Chanel Beauty cover star Olivia Neill is navigating the IRL via the URL. From starting content creation at 17, moving from Belfast to London and sitting front row at some of the world’s most prestigious designers shows then creating her own podcast, she shares her Inner Monologue and more in our Spring/Summer 2024 issue. 

Olivia Neill wears Chanel Beauty and Chanel fashion

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Olivia Neill at Elite Models 
Photography by Arved Colvin-Smith
Interview and words by Lucy Pemberton
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor-in-Chief Ella West
Creative Director Jeffrey Thomson
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald
Assistant Art Director Bethany Griffiths
Production Director Benjamin Crank 
Production Assistant Lola Randall
Beauty Direction Lucy Pemberton
Styling by Kirsty Stewartat The Only Agency
Hair by Shukeel Murtazaat The Only Agency
Make-up by Neil Young at Premier Hair and Make-up using CHANEL
Nails by Ella Vivii
Photography Assistant Andreas Parperis
Styling Assistants Katie McCormick and Caitriona Oladapo

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