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Yunè Pinku Covers Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring/Summer 2024 Issue

“I do get imposter syndrome a lot. The minute that I sit down to make a song and it doesn't immediately happen, I'm like, ‘I’m a failure! I shouldn't be here!’ But at the same time, I know myself and I understand the industry a lot better than before working in it, and I have faith in audiences now. I think people are actually becoming a lot more open-minded when it comes to music.”

DJ, producer, vocalist and lyricist yunè pinku has prospered as an enigmatic, genre-defiant and undeniably captivating figure within London’s burgeoning electronic movement. Now, with two projects to her name and seemingly every festival across the globe vying to book her, the Irish-Malaysian London-raised polymath is ready to take the wheel on her road towards uncompromising artistic expression and to experiment beyond what is expected. Covering our Spring/Summer 2024 issue in the Puma Mostro, she chats with Ben Tibbits in a worn-down boozer in the depths of South East London; reminiscing on the roots of her rise, reflecting on life as a full-time producer, and preparing to step out beyond the decks to bolster her truest love of all: songwriting. 

yunè pinku wears the PUMA Mostro

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Photography by Nicole Ngai
Styling by Suzie Walsh
Interview and words by Ben Tibbits
Editorial Director Charlotte Morton
Editor-in-Chief Ella West
Creative Director Jeffrey Thomson
Art Director Harry Fitzgerald
Assistant Art Director Bethany Griffiths
Production Director Benjamin Crank 
Production Assistant Lola Randall
Makeup by India Rawlings 
Hair by Kieron Fowles at Regis Salon using Color Wow, Dyson Hair, Living Proofand GHD

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